Ajit Pai and FCC Plan To Further Cripple The Internet

Image credit: United States Department of Agriculture

Image credit: United States Department of Agriculture

Ajit Pai and the FCC are at it again!

Last week, they outlined plans to "redefine" broadband as 10 Mbps instead of the current standard, 25 Mpbs. They're giving Internet service providers a free pass by lowering the standard for us consumers.

And in another questionable move, they're trying to say that if your wireless phone can get 10 Mbps download speeds, then that would check the box to say that you had access to broadband.

The first move is clearly a decrease in service but the second is less obvious because it means the phone/cable companies will never have to hook your house up to any cables (i.e., copper or fiber optic) whereas now they're obligated to.

The privatization of the great public utility that is the Internet continues.