This is an H1

This is an H2

This is an H3

This is regular body copy.

Here’s a quote block
— Josh Braaten

Ok, now let's get into the different types of content embeds you can do.


There are lot of different types of images you can use. Here's a full-width Inline image (good for hero image of blogs posts):

Inline image with caption below

Inline image with caption below

If that's too wide, don't worry, any image can be "hugged" with spacers to make it the same width as the main text column on the page (good for normal images within blog posts).

Inline image hugged with spacers.

Inline image hugged with spacers.


Ok, next up are the fancy types of images. First is a Poster image (all images with buttons can be shown with or without the buttons):


This is a Poster Image

Here's a subhead

Neat huh? Here's a Card image:


This is a card image

Here's its subhead

Next up, the Overlap image:


Overlap Image maybe this is something we'd want to use as a big ol' blockquote from time to time to break things up and not have to use the regular quote block, which is kind of janky.

—I said this

Here's a Collage image:



This is maybe how we could treat stats?
Source: I said this

Galleries & Summaries

There are a couple different types of galleries and content summaries that you can play with and customize to your heart's content. Here's an image gallery:

A Content Summary is like a Gallery but shows collections of pages like a blog summary:


Charts also make things pop a bit. Here's a Bar chart:

chart Title

Caption for chart

Here's a Line Chart:

Chart Title

Chart Caption

And last but not least, the dreaded Pie chart:

Chart Title

Chart Caption


Don't forget, you can embed a bunch of other things too, like Tweets and videos.

Here's a Tweet embedded using the Code block: